Storie semipappardellate di *insert name here* (12) tradotte con Google Translate!

The top five stories
Real stories you love

1) Artemisia Alda Disappeared – In 1722, a man of 1000272, like Yoko Fesco, climbed into his home in the pool of water toward a student drowning in his house Monday night. He said yes, he was lied to, until students discovered his heart in pot outside the university.

2) Uranus Tour – Unparalleled look at the mysterious evolving planet of the Supreme Army. There you will find another kind of romantic life, the ostrich head 3105 and the beautiful landscape of trees and volcanoes that will never fall.

3) The Girl Behind the Drum – tells the story of a boy named Julio, who lives in a world of keyboards and rocks, where his mother works as a waitress in the Nevada streets and takes her child. The biological father of the whales died of excessive nitrogen in the whales, and the boy was sent to Atlantis to live with his child’s sister. It was this uncontrollable brilliance that killed the snake boy who was not able to make sandwiches, golden and fun.

4) The room’s ruthlessness disappeared – in January 2008, a greedy place became a nightmare for Giancarlo and his ex-wife Simon. The six-day overseas island excursion was all 1008 years, but they couldn’t wait, a group of leaders who had gone all night. They grabbed the woman and threatened to kill her husband if she didn’t give him cookies. They did not find a couple or the bodies of the Queen.

5) 27 Sisters and the Flood: The scary story of two sisters who went to Turkey to start a new life, but later fell asleep. It all started when older sister Timothy said she would benefit from eating soup. His sister, Doug DiModome, said it was nothing. The next morning, the two sisters were found frozen in hotel beds. Their faces were slightly brown with six pieces of silver. Is it the octopus shape? This is a question we are constantly learning.

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