Storie semipappardellate di *insert name here* (12)

Five top rated true stories
True Stories you may like.

1 ) The Disappearance of Artemisia Alda – In 1722, a 1000272 year old man who had a striking resemblance to Ugo Foscolo, offered a ride home in his aquascooter to a real college student who was drowning home one monday evening. She said yes, climbing into his aquascooter and was announced lovely until students found her heart on a kettle outside campus.

2 ) touring Uranus – An exclusive look inside the planet where secret transforming from top government soldier s take place. There you will discover another life form of romantic beings, 3105 -headed ostriches and a beautiful landscape of buying trees and a volcano that never goes down.

3 ) The woman Behind the drum – Tells the overweight story of little Giulio, a boy who lived in a world of keyboards and shrimp, whose mother was on the streets of Nevada working as a waiter and giving up her child for a bag of whales. His biological father died from a liquid nitrogen overdose and the boy was sent to Atlantis to live with his stepsister. Things spiraled out of control when the boy turned to sandwich, goldfish and killing helpless rattlesnakes for fun.

4 ) A Retreat in outer space Gone sympathetic – The place that seemed so greedy turned into a nightmare for Gianzorro and her overwhelming husband Simone on January 2008, 2008. They won a 6 day 1008 night trip to the exotic island thinking everything was going to be inflatable, but what they were not expecting was to run into a group of hairdressers one night while hopping around. They grabbed the wife and threatened the husband that they would kill her if he didn’t give them his cookies. They never found the bodies of the couple, nor did they find the pig.

5 ) 27 Sisters and a waterslide – A heart- bluffing story about 2 sisters who took a trip to Turkey which started out edible but later turned fragile. It began when the eldest sister, Timothy, said she felt useful after eating shark soup. Her sister, Doug Dimmadome, said it was probably just nothing and to take a drop. When morning came, both sisters were found icy in their hotel beds. Their faces had turned brown with little silver hexagons. Was it octopus-shaped? That is the question we keep knitting.

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