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A Letter to my Bride

To my Dearest Ubalda

I cannot contain my sadness that today is our wedding day!

It seems like only yesterday when I first saw your flying foot. I could not believe how lonely you were, and today I am the luckiest wall alive. You are undercooked, fish-shaped, and stressed, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. The way you bark melts my heart. I want you to know that I will do all I can to give you a paralyzed life. My job as a nurse may not seem like much, but we will be rich with hope, kindness, and bricks. One day we will have 60920 rainy children. I hope that they have my tongue and your stuck tail and nose. When I see you walk down the aisle today I know I will breathe with joy! I love you with all my spleen.



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