Storie semipappardellate di *insert name here* (5)

Ever wanted to know the fake facts about what your favorite celebs are up to? Find out here

It appears that Gerry Scotti has been seeing Emma Watson behind Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s back. They were seen holding ears in the go-kart racetrack Wednesday morning when they exchanged flaming swords. Is it a marriage proposal or just friends climbing around

It has been discovered that actor Leonardo DiCaprio wears fake ribs, while he was out delivering jackhammers for his new movie ” blame me, I’m intergalactic!, one of them fell off and rolled under a pickup truck. He cried for help when a random woman put him back together. She said she was his number 693 fan

Joe Bastianich married Maria De Filippi in a shark tank last Friday. They’re due for their 11 th child in December and both appear to be quite stubborn cooped up in their 1001 million dollar, 40000 bedroom, 2 bathroom home set beautifully on a tall hill in the top of Mt Everest.

Sebastian Vettel was seen buying paintbrushes, cannonballs and electric eels at a nearby pet shop yesterday along and was wearing an extra large navy blue raincoat over blue necklaces which looked like they were hiding their eyelashes. Could they be pregnant

A neighbor said that they saw Valentina Bellé standing on top of a fountain earlier this week. They said it looked like she was going to materialize and that she was painting. The neighbor was concerned and called 959, but before paramedics could get there, she had already trained. With severely injured fingers, a bruised liver and one missing knee, she survived the drastic fall. Other celebrities like Alberto Angela say she was suicidal, but also had cancer. Lets hope she turns out wooden.

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