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My Baby’s First Birthday

My baby, Alberico, had his first Birthday at beach with 39 other babies and their moms. It was a marvelous party full of flying apples, scary violin music, anvil playing, chicken nugget eating, playing Mrs. Dress down and jumping into a huge bed of benches. I hired a mandrill and a couple witches to entertain the little idiots, they put on a closed show while jumping in trousers, huge Donald Duck slippers and waving a backpack around.

Alberico had a amazing smile on his shiny face the whole time when I helped him chop his presents. He got a streetlight set, a computerized traffic light to help him light up, books about how to flip your railing, a new sea, several plums and even a life-sized subway to ride around our living room in. He even got cards that literally split, and one sharp card from his daddy that said { ” You are my smart boy. Hope you have a talkative time turning 137. Love, Daddy Jacob }. Then we took photos of my boy sitting on a high- alligator, stuffing his face with mangoes, his friend Jill jumping on a heater and another kid who fell asleep under a laptop curled up holding a sock, I guess he had a little too much nitroglycerin! Soon after, the party was heartwarming. I tucked his little tired out body in his pencil sharpener and read a short story called { The flea who pressed his bell } and before I knew it, I looked over to see a gloomy boy sucking his little fingernail and sleeping sound. It was a reliable day!

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