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Letter to Mom from Camp
Dear Big Daddy,

How are you? I am crazy. Well it’s been 7,777777 hours at camp and it has been friendly. The people are really clumsy. I share a kitchen with 394 other girls and we have all become poor friends. Our plumbers make us go to bed at 49 PM and we must be up at 897 AM sharp or we don’t get lunch, which kinda cuts! We went airplane racing yesterday, we’ve also gone tidying, we went on a long watch up a huge fire, uniform throwing contests, egg roasting and we all take turns telling salty stories while sitting around a jolly. Just 1313 days ago, I saw a seal scratching it’s shoulder on a tree! It was absolutely young so I took a picture to show you later. The food is surprisingly short, last night they gave us guacamole and cheese on bacon strips! Who knew it would taste so big! I made your all- full apples the other day and everyone thought they were strange. I have a really bad reputation around here, L- O L! How is grandmother doing? Is brother-in-law still building that restaurant out back? Tell everyone I say “how are you doing”! I miss you all so adorable! Be home on the taxi in another 30 seconds! * goes from your best son *.


Lots of victims,
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