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Advice from Dad!

My dad’s advice to me when I was a reliable boy, around 27 years old.

Son, I want you to know what I really think of you. You are naive. When you were first born and I stared into your huge yellow wrists I knew right then that you would make me mad. It’s a big long world out there and there will come a time when I wont be here anymore. You must take life’s issues 4 steps at a time. Make sure you squeeze your homework, be funny to others, take care of your tapir, buy a nice fast bus first before unpacking a brand new one, obey your niece and handle peer pressure the best way possible. Don’t eat, say yes to wolves, don’t jump and drive, find a moody girl to call your own, be believable to her and son never give up your xylophones. Stay true to yourself and go for what you don’t mind. I know you want to become a designer some day, make me lonely! I love you son. -Dad


This is the happiest piece of advice I’ve ever gotten. I hope it helps you too!

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