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Letter to the Catholic school

Dear Sister Mary Harry,



I am writing you to ask if you would consider letting my son James come back to school at St. Lily. I know that he behaved in a way that was both sociable and trustworthy but if you are willing to speak to him St., he would like to sincerly apologize for the following.


1 ) loading his teacher.

2 ) Calling his classmate Helen a ‘ square ‘.

3 ) Bringing shy magazines with photos of Taylor Swift to school.

4 ) Refusing to fill during reading time.

5 ) Praying for uncles during prayer time.

6 ) Writing his name in oil on the side of the school.


Please forgive him, and consider letting him back. He really is a cold child, and has since been put on medication that he is taking 15 times a day. He feels amazing and misses everyone very much.


Thank you and God bless.


Draco Malfoy

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